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Self-drive in New Zealand

It was November 2007.

I recollected the ‘adventures’ we had gone through in New Zealand. Stranded in the Waikato wilderness for several hours after sunset….Shuddered at the thought of that frightening night in the forest with my children in the darkness… our ‘Amazing Race’ to Wai-O-Tapu, as we were just in time to catch the Lady Knox geyser show at 10:15am…, challenging drive from Desert Road to Wellington.My hubby, Goh, drove the entire journey from North Island to South Island himself, covering more than 3,000km with a rented Toyota Camry & Navman GPS. I feel that we are like family-version of back-packers, slept at different places almost everyday, experiencing the various types of accommodation – from farmstay, homestay to holiday parks, preparing our own dinners everyday.

 Robin & Dominique are good boys, helping me to look after their baby brother. Even Little Clement who was 6 months old then did not give problems even though sometimes we compromised a bit on hygiene. What a strong boy!I am grateful to meet very nice and friendly New Zealanders and was impressed with the wonderful baby-friendly facilities throughout NZ: nappy changing station, beautiful nursery room at the shopping centres & in The Interislander…. Believe me, I have not come across a dirty public toilet or one without toilet paper, no matter how remote the place is….first-world standard and gracious society I wish Singapore can achieve.

Although we did not cover many places & tried many activities, this is the best vacation I ever had. The key is to spend time together. I cherish these moments.

nz9You’re invited to view the Goh Family online photos at the Gallery




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