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台湾游 – Preparation Homework

Thanks to Angela Tang, Sean Goh, Serena Soon & Jennifer Chang, pre-trip homework becomes easy with their useful advice. Travelling free and easy usually requires extra effort. . However, the experience, pleasure and satisfaction derive from exploring the places yourselves is beyond description. The feeling is like the preparation I did for New Zealand trip. Like New … Continue reading

Urban survival skills

Goh is away for 3 days on an overseas trip giving me full authority in the way to deal with kids in my own way. I think it is short term suffering which brings about long-term benefits. Continue reading…. My different approach on parenting is somewhat different from my husband’s. As my 2 older children … Continue reading

My “kampong-style” of parenting

Fireman Clement Today, I can afford the luxury of time and read a book. Very nice, title: Interpersonal Edge by Daneen Skube. I completed 2 chapters and picked up many pointers. One of the sections “Making lemonade out of lemon” intrigues me to write again. It says: “Jacob thought that the most painful part of his childhood … Continue reading

Loon calls to say hello

Loon called me this afternoon from Afghanistan when I was at work. It was unexpected. My brother never call me to say hello and asked me to look after pa & ma, whenever he calls it is always with a purpose. I asked him whether he received the toy hydraulic excavator and a few packets of titbits I sent him. … Continue reading


上回和爸爸去旅行是2004年的事了。那时去云南,2003年我们去日本。连同这次,祖孙同游第三次。 今年十二月我们将到台湾旅游,爸爸也随行。我很高兴可以得到姐和阿伦的支持,赞助爸爸的飞机票,而我负责其他费用。近几年自由行,不是到落后的国家就是以英语为主的地方,不太适合爸爸。我很期待南部之旅,因为我没去过,我相信爸爸会觉得亲切,大家沟通应该没问题 (闽南语和新加坡的福建话没多大差别吧!)。我老公说去台湾他要驾车,而我比较喜欢乘搭公共交通工具,还没出发就意见分歧,唉!孩子们要去主题公园,我要看枫叶,薰衣草。每个人都有特别要求。如果有好去处介绍,要告诉我哦! 初步计划会去台北,台中,嘉义,高雄。十六年前,1993年我去过台北,台中。这次扶老携幼感受固然不同。妈妈不要去,真可惜。 现在我正在做资料收集,要感谢BNP Paribas台北的Angela Tang 和Singapore的Sean Goh提供宝贵的意见。加上互联网收集到的,希望这次台湾之旅能尽兴而归。 爸妈年纪大了。爸爸自从阿伦去了阿富汗之后更加寂寞了,虽然阿伦已经成家,他还是常回“娘家”。爸爸一向沉默寡言,可是当我和他谈论政治时事就滔滔不绝。 当我老了,我也希望我的孩子会带我去旅游。 我不想人生有”树欲静而风不止 子欲养而亲不在”的遗憾。


Friday, 9 October 2009 As I walk out of Tung Centre towards MRT station, I am bombarded by disharmony: Cars honk as they jockey for position, bus engines roaring away. For me, it is hectic, dissonant, chaotic. Enough titillation for one day. Soon it is time to retreat home to find respite from the overwhelming … Continue reading


Author and psychologist Sam Keen said in his book To Love and Be Loved. “Awareness involves willpower and choice. Inevitably I must pay attention to something – baseball, Bach or Barbara. Consciousness is like a flashlight that I choose to focus in a narrow or diffused beam…The price of lasting love is continuing to pay … Continue reading

Robin ‘bluetooth’ me this song – My Love by Westlife

Pretty nice song that my eldest son sent me 🙂 And I found this video clip in youtube  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_Ab6NBZBak I prefer MV to just music.  Robin will be taking his Science PSLE paper on Monday. Recently, he expressed his views on his preparation of exam, what he and his classmates, friends talk about PSLE, etc. I … Continue reading


I like this……走吧 走吧 人总要学着自己长大 走吧 走吧 人生难免经历苦痛挣扎 走吧 走吧 为自己的心找一个家 也曾伤心流泪 也曾黯然心碎 这是爱的代价 很美的歌! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNFTLMwAlgc 爱的代价 – 张艾嘉   还记得年少时的梦吗 像朵永远不凋零的花 陪我经过那风吹雨打 看世事无常 看沧桑变化 那些为爱所付出的代价 是永远都难忘的啊 所有真心的 痴心的话 永在我心中虽然已没有他   走吧 走吧 人总要学着自己长大 走吧 走吧 人生难免经历苦痛挣扎 走吧 走吧 为自己的心找一个家 也曾伤心流泪 也曾黯然心碎 这是爱的代价   也许我偶尔还是会想他 偶尔难免会惦记着他 就当他是个老朋友啊 也让我心疼 也让我牵挂 只是我心中不再有火花 让往事都随风去吧 所有真心的 痴心的话 仍在我心中 虽然已没有他


昨天在958听到这首张艾嘉的歌“忙与盲”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXBl8NTR5ec&feature=related。很感慨。 做人难,做职业女性,三个男孩的妈更艰难。