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ForestFriday, 9 October 2009

As I walk out of Tung Centre towards MRT station, I am bombarded by disharmony: Cars honk as they jockey for position, bus engines roaring away. For me, it is hectic, dissonant, chaotic. Enough titillation for one day. Soon it is time to retreat home to find respite from the overwhelming and disorienting sights and sounds.

Where can I find the peaceful place that rejuvenates my soul? It’s not available at work, can I find it at home?

At the gate, I am greeted by the blare of television and shouts of my children. Where I look for calmness, too often I find perplexing anxiety. One stressful day leads to another. Moving though life in a daze, I expect to be bombarded with extraneous stimulation.

A quiet time in a tranquil place to find myself is but a luxury.


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