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Kindness begets Kindness

KindnessI was pleasantly surprise to see Kamariah and her friend at my office to give me a stalk of yellow daisy. It was on 13 November, World Kindness Day.
Kamariah was one of the ladies distributing My Paper at Raffles Place to commuters. We knew each other through simple morning greeting. Her friendly personality attracted me and inspired me to write about her passion for her work. It was published in My Paper My Say in September.
Many people did not realize that a simple smile and greeting can make someone’s day. Two years ago when I visited New Zealand, I was impressed by the people there, in big and small ways, making a positive difference in someone’s life, be it a simple gesture of bringing a cow on the road back to farm preventing it to be hit by oncoming traffic, greeting “Hello!” to strangers. I wish Singapore can be a more gracious society, people are more considerate, making life more plesant for everyone.
Kindness begets kindness. No act of kindness, no matter how big or how small is ever wasted.
Thanks to Singapore Kindness Movement committee in its effort to bring message islandwide. And thanks to the people who have been kind to me, with your smile, with your simple greeting of “good morning”, your simple act of kindness even though I do not know you.

And thanks again Kamariah for making my day

(I received 2 stalks of daisy. One from Kamariah, the other from Sammy Lee. Thanks!)


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