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I attended “Maristic”, a concert by Maris Alumni Wind Ensemble. Robin and Dominique are Marists but not the band members. Nevertheless, as parent of the Marists, I am fortunate to be an audience at Esplanade Concert Hall to watch this marvellous performance by the schoolmates of Robin and Dominique.

The performance was a joint effort of primary school, secondary school sections as well as the old boys of Maris Stella High School. The musicians were Angklung, Kulintang and String Ensemble from Primary school boys, Maris Stella Primary Band and Maris Stella Symphonic Band and Maris Alumni Wind Ensemble.

Frankly speaking, I never watched a music event like this before this. I have grown to like classical music but not to the extent of understanding it. However, there was one segment that impressed me greatly and that was the solo performance by Aaron Lum.  The instrument he played, trombone did not sound very nice as flute, piano, saxaphone.  But the air of confidence in Aaron Lum captured me. How many boys will have a chance to play solo in an orchestra. This boy was invited to perform in pop singer, George Lam’s concert tours which were held in Singapore and Malaysia in 20o9. I wish my boys have that type of look which only confident people have. It is different from cockiness and arrogance. It is from someone who knows that he is very good at something or having some talent, some great achiv.

The climax was the standing ovation and singing of school song.  The boys injected an army flavour to the song which they sang everyday.

Very uplifting!

This is definitely the school for my boys.


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