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Volcanic ash cloud causes worst travel disruption ever

Since Thursday 15 April, I have been following up the news of Icelandic Volcano eruption. I didn’t know a volcano eruption can cause such a massive scale of travel disruption.

My boss is stranded in London. I and my colleagues in London & Singapore have been exploring alternatives to get him & 2 more guys who are with him back to Singapore. As more and more airports are closing, we cannot find any solutions. I think people who are affected must be feeling terribly frustrated…understandable. I leave my pc and mobile phone turn on all the time for timely updates.

My family vacation to Europe may be affected as experts predict that ash cloud can last for 6 months. Vacation plan is in June, just 1 and half months away… oh my god!

Holiday to Northern part of Europe: Paris, Stockholm, Scotland, England, London may be affected. I keep my fingers crossed and hope boss can return to Singapore soon & Mother Nature is kind to us and everything is quickly back to normal.

Update in Daily Mail UK said Ash cloud will last ‘for another week’: Now layer of fine dust is settling on top of the ash cloud – and volcano is still erupting

The last part of the news article is very interesting with views by aviation experts.
Quoted “The blanket ban under clear blue skies and glorious sunshine is making some wonder whether this ‘one-size-fits-all’ regulation is appropriate to a situation that the regulations did not foresee. ”

Very nice to read:


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