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Growing and Learning with My Children

Yesterday, 8 May Saturday, I went to Learning Mastery to attend a workshop. I thought I could meet Dr Ernest Wong again. I know the main objective of the workshop is to market the June holiday camp. I attended similar parent workshop before conducted by Dr Ernest Wong. I was impressed. But at that time, my children were young, I did not sign up for the lesson.

Dr Ernest Wong is very admirable. What he said is still stuck in my mind…about Singapore education system trend, how children learn, how to motivate children to learn. Obviously, I asked my family to join me to attend this 3 hour talk.

Guess what, i didn’t see Dr Ernest Wong throughout the 3 hours. It was a disappointment, I must say. But the audience were gradually captivated by Dr Ernest Wong’s disciple, Mr Peter Lau – a confident, eloquent 25 year old man, a good motivational speaker. Goh, Robin and Dominique were motivated after the talk. However, we did not sign up because we are going to Europe on vacation and the Super Teen Camp is from 7 to 11 June.

Few things I agree with Peter:
Why students don’t do well in exams.
– Don’t study
– Don’t have speed
– Can’t recall in exam hall
– Don’t answer according to test verbs
– Don’t write good essay

What is study. Study process
– Goals
– Time management
– Take action
– Speed reading
– Gather information
– Make notes
– Memorize
– Revision
– Exam preparation

Definition of Exam:
Test speed of recall and application

Thanks Peter for sharing. I think your message does ring into my boys’ ears. Indeed, in past few years, the scholars of PSLE, GCE O Levels, A Levels seem to come from China. Why is that so? Is there something Singaporean lack of? Why China students can catch up with the Singaporean Students even though their English was no good in the beginning.

I absolutely in what you said:
“No man will change for the better until they see the need for it.”

I am reading your blog:


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