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Discovering New Places – HortPark

Last Sunday, I watched a children tv show which features the learning experience of a boy who visited his mother’s workplace at HortPark. It looks beautiful, hence I suggested my family members to discover this new place.

I knew this place a year ago when we went walking at Telok Blangah Hill. But because at that time, the walk was long and to go to HortPark, Kent Ridge Canopy Walk would mean a long distance back to our vehicle we cancelled our plan. This time, we come solely for HortPark. The only condition I have is that we have to set off before 6:15am. I hate the warm and humidity weather. I tell Goh if you want to get me to walk, all of us must be early birds.

This is the first time we visit HortPark. I am pleasantly surprise by the concept, it is a gardening hub which the industrial players use this platform to showcase their product. It is a gardening lifestyle hub that brings together gardening-related, recreational, educational, research and retail activities under one big canopy in a park setting. It is also a park connector linking Telok Blangah Hill Park and Mount Faber to Kent Ridge Park.

HortPark houses a collection of over 20 theme gardens that are key components and attractions of HortPark. They are
1. Floral Walk
2. Car Park Garden
3. Water Garden
4. Home Garden
5. Lifestyle Corner
6. Terrarium Arcade
7. Vertical Walls
8. Rooftop Garden
9. Orchid Corner
10. Silver Garden
11. Garden of Seasons
12. Community in Bloom (CIB) Garden
13. Herb & Spice Garden
14. Passage Walk
15. Recycling Garden
16. Seed Garden
17. Fantasy Garden
18. Butterfly Garden
19. Fruits & Vegetables Garden
20. Golden Garden

Besides HortPark, we also explored Kent Ridge Canopy Walk. From there, we can link to National University of Singapore and even further. But because our vehicle is parked at the car park of HortPark, it will mean a great distance to cover to and fro, not forgetting 3 year old Clement who has limited potential to walk long distance.

At the Golden Garden, there are morning dew drops in the grass, quite pretty, very soothing, a slight refreshing chill in the air. I sat on the grass and touched the morning dew. Such wonderful experience!

There are certain things I like about HortPark:
1. Creativity at the concept: nurturing a gardening culture
2. Learning and education: I like to see mushrooms grown on the ground, the fungus on the sawdust sprayed under the trees, ants, millipedes, monkeys, birds, butterflies, bees….
3. Industry Partnerships and Collaborations: HortPark gathers the horticulture industrial players to showcase their product, providing a good platform to bridge the business to consumers.
4. Good place to relax with its carefully planned facilities suitable for children, handicapped and old
5. Tranquility: Albert Einstein said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity.”. It is a perfect place to have a peace of mind.

Throughout the entire 4.3km walk from 6:30am & 8:30am, I saw less than 30 people in HortPark. It is a pity that our Singapore government spent SGD13.1 million to build this 23 hectares place (half the size of Botanic Garden) but so few users appreciate it. At 6:30am, there are only 2 cars at the cap park out of the 155 parking space there. At 8:30am when we leave, there are more cars about 1/3 full. Parking is free-of-charge, perhaps because we arrive early between 6am & 6:59am.

We will definitely go again, to explore the second part of Kent Ridge Canopy Walk starting from “Science Park I”.

For more information about HortPark, please visit NPark website:


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2 thoughts on “Discovering New Places – HortPark

  1. Use to have our company meeting there. .I bet sylvester is already gone

    Posted by isaac976 | October 20, 2013, 14:28


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