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Travelogue: Stockholm (9-11 June 2010)

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9 June 2010 STOCKHOLM
FR9504 arrives Stockholm at 1615 H9SDTZ
From Paris (Beauvais) (BVA) to Stockholm (Skavsta) (NYO)
Wed, 09Jun10 Flight FR9504 arrive NYO at 16:15
Skavasta Airport http://stockholmtown.jetshop.se/pub_docs/files/Broschyrer/Stockholmsbroschyren/SVB_Engelsk_2009_K1_lu.pdf

Airport Coach from Skavsta Airport to Stockholm City
Adult, return (198kr), Single (99kr) / Youth, return (158kr), Single (79kr)
Senior, return (158kr), Single (79kr) /Children, return (0kr), Single (0kr)
Children 0-11yrs. Two children under age of 12 accompanying a full paying adult free-of-charge
Two children under age of 12 accompanying a full paying adult free of charge
Youth = under 26 years old
Senior = from 65 years
E-ticket purchased on-line is valid for 3 months from the purchase date.
No ticket refund. The ticket is non-personal and can be used on any departure on the chosen bus route.
Arlanda, Bromma, Västerås and Skavsta Airport, Stockholm
+46 (0)8-588 228 28 (betwheen 08.00 – 23.00)
Goh + Pam = 99 x 2; Robin = 79 ; Dominique + Clement = 0 -> total = 377kr equivalent SGD19.84)
Bus stops at Stockholm City/City Terminalen

Stockholm Public Transport
3 day travel card
Goh + Pam = SEK200 x 2 = SEK400
Robin + Dominique = SEK120 x 2 = SEK240 We bought a 3 day travel card for 200 SEK which we were also were able to use on the buses and was valid for all zones on the Tunnelbana
We were a little confused at first [we did arrive quite late at night and were tired!] but once we got going we found the Tunnelbana easy to use and felt safe even travelling late at night.

Money Matters in Stockholm
Money Changing: The first thing we did after we got our luggage was to change Swedish Kroner. We changed SEK1000 at a money changer near Paris Opera Metro station but that was not enough. Things in Sweden is more expensive. We were mentally prepared. Money changer was not common in Stockholm. The ones that I came across was at Skavsta Airport and Central Station. Have sufficient Swedish Kroner changed, otherwise, it was troublesome to come to Central Station again just to change currencies.
Cost of Living: McDonalds Big Mac with Coke or Lunch with a salad and a soft drink costs about SEK70-80 (equivalent SGD13-15), visit to public toilet SEK10 (equivalent SGD1.90). I hate to eat McDonald’s. That was why we had every meal at “home” and we rushed to every free toilet if available. Expensive Lesson taught by Goh and Robin, they spent almost SGD4 visiting a public toilet at Stockholm Central Station. Toilets at hotel lobby were locked. Dominique and I had stronger bladder. Both of us tolerated until we reached IKEA, Haha I can go cheappo to this extent!!!
Few people I know have been to Sweden. In Singapore, I could not get Swedish Kroner at the money changer. In Paris, I approached several money changer which did not have the currency notes. The only one that could change only had SEK1,000 (equivalent Eur130) .

Accommodation in Stockholm
All accommodation in Europe was booked through internet and all replies will go to Goh’s email because he had Blackberry. As I was preoccupied by work and preparation of holiday, I forgot to follow up the accommodation booking in Stockholm. The agent which do apartment booking did not confirm booking at first. Before our departure from home, I made a call and left a message at voice-mail, follow by email. Fortunately, a lady picked up the message and confirmed our booking.
Before she replied, I had to admit that the last-minute finding lodging for our family of 5 was indeed a challenging one. Because hotel, backpacker lodge, apartment count by number of people. An average backpackers lodge charges SEK300 per person/bed. SGD57. That means our family will have to pay SGD57 x 4 = SGD228. I will share bed with Clement.
Average room rate at a 3-star hotel double-occupancy is at least SEK4700 (equivalent SGD250) and to accommodate all 5 of us, we need 2 rooms. Therefore, one night SGD500, 2 nights SGD1000.
Studio apartment at the place I rent was only SEK950 (equivalent to SGD180). And I am very fortunate to know the lady owner of the apartment, a pretty friendly Italian-Swedish young lady in her 20s.

Train from T-Centralen to Hornstull (red line – 5 stations) 8 mins from T-Centralen to Hornstull
Exit already indicated at the platform. We missed it at first, went to the wrong exit and struggled our way with the luggage to find our way out while talking to the owner.

Art in the Metro
T-bana: Hornstull (red line): Berndt Helleberg 1964 Siri Derkert and Berndt Helleberg were joint winners of the 1961 competition for art in the Stockholm Metro. Helleberg’s entry was entitled “Altamira” and is reminiscent of the fi rst cave paintings. Handthrown and glazed Dutch bricks, laid vertically, cover both of the long walls of the station

The apartment looks exactly like the one shown in the pictures. We chatted for more than an hour. I have her phone number and email address.

From Hornstull to …

Art in the Metro
Masmo (red line): Lasse Andreassan and Staffan Hallstrom 1972 – The artists have created a number of paintings on stove anamelled metal sheets along the walls behind the track. In the centre is Carl Larrsan’s famous painting “The entry of King Gustav Vasa of Sweden into Stockholm”, but here the artists have added to the picture and suddenly we see a group of people welcoming their king in a large sun on long ropes. The frieze the continues with the workers taking the sun down into the Metro


Thursday, 10 June STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
From: “Home”
To: Central Station From: Hornstull / To: T-Centralen
Change currency
We wanted to go to the Bus station at Central Station but ended up at a shopping mall. Lost!!! Because of that we chanced upon Hötorget Haymarket) is a city square in the center of Stockholm. During the daytime it is the site of a fruit and vegetable market, except on Sundays, when flea markets are arranged.

T-Bana: T-Centralen
After asking people, we finally found our way to the shopping centre which was also the pick-up location of the bus from Stockholm City to Skavsta Airport. This should be one of the few busy places in Stockholm. Its metro staton forms the heart of the Stockholm Metro system, in the sense that it is the only station where all three of the system’s lines meet.

From: T-Centralen / To: Kungsträdgården (blue line)

Art at the Metro
Kungsträdgården (blue line): The artist transformed the station into an underground garden depicting the history of Kungstragarden
At the Arsenalsgatan exit there is a kind of archaeological dig – a forum Romanum for Stockholm – with an ancient columns and fragments that once belonged to National Art Museums. Gas lamps from Torsgatan can alsi be seen here, as well as snonymous remnants of buildings from a vanished Stockholm.

Kungsträdgården Kungsträdgården (Swedish for “King’s Garden”)
South of the park is the quay Strömgatan interconnecting the bridges Strömbron and Norrbro, both of which stretches over to the Stockholm Old Town and the Royal Palace.
Kungsträdgårdsgatan stretches along the park’s eastern side. A series of prominent buildings are lined-up along it: today the headquarters ofHandelsbanken, and the Kungsträdgården Stockholm Metro station.
On the western side are the Royal Swedish Opera with the Opera Bar, Saint James’s church, Matchstick Palace and Sverigehuset (home to a tourist information centre)

One hour Sightseeing on Boat Goh + Pam = SEK80 x 2, Robin + Dominique ½ price = SEK80 for 2, Clement’s ride f.o.c. Total = SEK160
Board the boat at Slussen, to
Royal Palace: Old Town, Royal Palace, Nobel Musuem
Nybroviken: Royal Dramatic Theatre, The Hallwy Collection,
Royal Sightseeing: Royal Army Museum
Vasa Museum: Junibacken, The Nordic Museum
Skeppsholmen: Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Far Eastern Anttq
Allmänna Gränd: Gröna Lund (Tivoli), Skansen (Open Air Museum) Aquaria

Kungliga Slottet (Royal Palace)
The official residence of the monarch (Carl XVI Gustaf), the Swedish Royal Family, as well as the offices of the Royal Court of Sweden.

Gamla Stan (Old Town)
The street was apparently named after a German businessman who owned two of the properties on the street.

The Parliament building On the “Helgeandsholmen” island(means “island of Sacred Spirit”) between Gamla Stan and new Stockholm city. 2 bridges has separated it from Gamla stan:”Norrbro” & “Stallborn”.

World’s largest Ikea Store
Kungens Kurva, Skarholmen 020 439050/www.ikea.se

How we got there:
T-bana, From: T-Centralen / To: Skärholmen
Bus, From: Skärholmen / Alight at Ikea Kungens Kurva (in fact it was walking distance from T-bana, separated by highway)
Once we got there, the first place we visited was its toilet. We had late lunch at the restaurant. Although our favourite chicken wing sold at Ikea at Tampines were not sold there, the food sold here was cheaper than shops in the city. I ordered a salmon salad (SEK25, equivalent to SGD5).

There were 5 levels in Ikea store, each featuring different types of furniture and accessories. Robin wanted to buy a laptop bag. He said it was SEK29. Wow! Unbelievable, I said. I was sceptical. He picked up the bag and we continued exploring the store, from top level to the bottom. What was sold there were also available in Ikea Singapore. There was not much difference. When we were at the counter, Robin lost his bag. We searched high and low, wasted lots of time. We gave him a good scolding.

Art in the Metro: Masmo
Depart: Masmo
Destination: “Home” From: Masmo / To: Hornstull

Saturday, 11 June STOCKHOLM
Art in the Metro
T-bana From: Hornstull / To: Universität
Art in Stockholm Metro

Universität (Red line): Universitetet is a Metro station in the Frescati area, close toStockholm University and the Museum of Natural History. It was opened on 12 January 1975.
The art on the station consists of tiles featuring Carl von Linné and the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights. This artwork is by belgian and parisian artist Françoise Schein.

From: Universität / To: Stadion

Art in Stockholm Metro

Stadion(Red line): Large-scale wooden sculptures act as signs, and celebrate the 1912 Olympics, the Stockholm Stadium and Stockholm’s Royal College of Music. Bright colours on a blue marbled rock wall.
Enno Hallek, Åke Pallarp 1973.

From: Stadion / To: Ostermalmstorg

Art in Stockholm Metro
Östermalmstorg (red line): Östermalmstorg – Siri Derkert 1965 Using a special sandblasting technique, Siri Derkert has succeeded in conveying a sense of lightness in her work on the concrete walls below ground. Her subjects are the ever-important issues of women’s rights and peace. The music of the Internationale and the Marseillaise is included, as are the names of some of the most famous women and men in history.

From Ostermalmstorg / To: T-Centralen

From: T-Centralen / To: Solna Centrum

Art in Stockholm Metro
Solna Centrum Anders Åberg and Karl-Olov Björk 1975
A spruce forest almost 1,000 metres long runs beneath a dramatically red night
sky on the walls of the station. The subjects of the various scenes played out on
the walls are those that were top of the agenda when the station was built in the
1970s – rural depopulation, the destruction of the environment, forests and nature.

From: Solna Centrum / To: Radhusset

Art in Stockholm Metro
Rådhuset (Blue Line) Rådhuset – Sigvard Olsson 1975
In Rådhuset’s pink cave the artist reveals fi ctitious remnants of the history of
Kungsholmen. Look out for the plinth of a gigantic chimney stack, baskets from
the market in Kungsholmstorg, some forgotten leather bundles and a fantastic
moulding from an elegant apartment on Norr Mälarstrand.

From: Radhusset / To: Hornstull
Check-out from “Home” Goodbye “Home” We left at 3pm after cleaning up the apartment. This apartment was conveniently located, clean and quiet. The pity is I did not get to meet “

From: Hornstull / To: T=Centralen
Walk from T-Centralen to Bus Station I could not understand why we kept going to wrong exit. We were lost again. To avoid wasting time thus missing flight, I asked a woman who pointed to me the direction. We got to the place, there wasn’t any delay. Got our return tickets already so we did not need to buy.

Bus to Skasvta Airport
Traffic Congestion. Very stressed! To see such a long “queue” ahead of us. From the scenery, we knew we were still far away from the airport. There was nothing we could do. From the other passengers’ body language, I knew they were as anxious as me & my family members. Fortunately, we managed to get to airport quite fast. A little hiccup about luggage, but our eyes were like “x-ray” able to do the estimation and moving the extras pretty fast. We couldn’t afford the time. When we were at the boarding gate, a long queue once again. We were the last few to board the plane.

Flight: FR6635
(Ryan Air)
Check-in completed X78YNV
From Stockholm (Skavsta) (NYO) to Edinburg
Fri, 11Jun10 Flight FR6635 Depart Stockholm at 18:45
The plane was quite full, with some rows’ centre seat unoccupied. My family members and I had to split. I went to sit between a couple, who choose to sit this way (they thought there will be no taker of the centre seat. They were wrong!) Uncomfortable to sit in between 2 people who knew each other. I felt like a wall. But I had no choice.


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