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Quips and actions tips to share

SERVICE COUNTS One hundred minus one can’t be ninety-nine in the hotel business. It may be zero. If one employee out of hundreds gives a bad impression to a certain customer, it will ne one hundred percent damage for our hotel image for that customer. – Ichiro Inumaru (One person can make the difference – … Continue reading

Simplicity = Happiness…what Balinese taught me

We burnt our pocket this June in Europe so we are on shoestring budget. Our 6 return air tickets SIN-DENPASAR-SIN on Air Asia cost only SGD900. And in this trip, I finally realize that I had been all the while planning a tight schedule and achieving a lot of things in the extent that my … Continue reading

Uncommon Wisdom for Uncommon Times

I completed the book this morning. The title is “Don’t Forget to Sing in the Lifeboats.”, Author: Kathryn and Ross Petras I like the introduction. Here it goes. Whatever issues we’re staring down, we are not alone. Indeed, throughout history people have lived in what felt like (and often were) uncommon times…a collection of the … Continue reading