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Vandalism * Coward

Chinese New Year Eve, 2 February 2011

11:01pm, Goh and I were on our way home from my mother’s place. Dominique called his father. “Someone sprayed paint on our window”, he said. Goh was driving and he wanted more clarification from Dominique. Message was unclear. I told him to focus on driving. Another 5 minutes, we were going to reach home. After he hanged up the phone, he kept wondering who did it. I said no point making wild guess because we hadn’t seen the things. Getting upset fulfills the culprit’s purpose.

11:05pm, Goh and I reached home. I asked the 3 kids and Eni what time did they discover this. Robin said it happened at about 10:45pm, after they smelt something strong while watching tv in the living room. As it was dark, it was difficult to see the actual scale of damage. A very strong smell penetrated the whole house. The children’s feet were stained with specks of the ugly dark thick green paint when they walked on the car porch floor.

From the stain at the window, our guess was that the culprit could have stood in front of my neighbour’s house (on my right when facing inside). The family were out. Robin, Dominique, Clement and Eni were at the living room watching tv. They did not notice anyone standing outside our house.

I called police.

It seems to be mixed with thinner to enable the paint to dry up quickly. It was a mixture of dark red and dark green paint, it looks like old paint, very lumpy and thick. On the roof, there was a red plastic bag (the type seller use for packing lunch at food centre and market). There was some remainder in it. Police took it away to carry out tests and investigation. Gathering the facts, several coloured paints mixed with thinner, packed in a plastic bag, thrown upwards at least one house distance away, bag broken, paint splashed on the external wall and onto the window, spilled to the floor of car porch and a little on the kerb under the tree.

I don’t know why the people want to do such thing. Who is this person? It was done with a malicious intent to embarrass us and dampen our festive mood.

We do not rule out the possibility that the target was my next door new neighbour because our walls are very close to each other. Distance between the stained wall and neighbour’s wall is about 50cm.

Police from our neighbourhood police post said this was the first case reported at our estate. Usually it happens at HDB flat and related to illegal money lending, there will be warning written on the wall to embarrass the house owner.

But we did not borrow money from illegal money lender. We have no financial problem!!!

Police asked whether we offended anyone. I said we had parking dispute with visitors/non-residents, mostly one-off incident. Never once did I quarrel with anyone. When motorist obstructs driveway and traffic, I will usually requested politely to the driver to park at some other places. (I always watch my tone and choose my words carefully). I don’t think my actions deserve such kind of treatment. If I offended someone, I should have offended long time ago. Why only now after we live here for 11 years?

Neighbour opposite – unlikely. They were more afraid to trigger us from stirring shit and disrupt their monkey business. Other neighbours – impossible. We either have good relationship or don’t really talk or interfere in one another’s business. We also have very few car parking disputes. Residents know the unwritten rule.

Mistakened identity….some other houses with same unit number but different road name, owner owing money? Not 100% ruled out.

Last night, something unusual happened. The ex-owner of the house next door came to our area. We saw her car. She is a middle-aged single woman driving a sports car Nissan Fair Lady with a unique single letter E – 2 digit number plate. The new owner of the house who moved in late last year is a helicopter pilot, wife, young son, domestic helper. We had good relationship with our ex-neighbour before she moved out in July last year. We did not know where the woman was when her car was parked at the side of the road.

Why was she here after moving out more than 6 months? Why was she staying until beyond 2:30am? From the position she parked her car, she could be visiting one of the neighbours across the road. Wow! Very late visit. Very strange. If it was done by her and target was the new house buyer, will she be so stupid to park her car for so long, long enough to let us suspect her? But why the coincidence?

I told Goh. If one hates another person because of work, the sabotage should be at office. If one’s morbid jealous is cause by another’s beauty, the target will be her face. If parking or driving dispute, target will be the car. The target is the house. House sale dispute??? We knew the price the house was sold. It seems to be lower than some of the houses at the vicinity….not worth thinking about it. Mind my own business!

If the culprit stood in front of another neighbour’s house (the one on the right), why didn’t their dog bark? But the dog next door is lazy and not viligent. It doesn’t bark at woman and people it is familiar.

No one stood in front of our house at 10 plus. All my children and domestic helper were at the living room. They won’t miss anyone passing by or stood outside. If the intention was to embarrass my family, the target should be my living room window, gate and wall. Easier…and no one will miss the ugly stain when passing by. Should have thrown one more to my living room.

101 possibilities, we don’t want to jump to conclusion.

Goh asked should we install surveillence camera. I replied him, “We can’t prevent people from carrying out this kind of malicious act. If the target is not us but our next door, why should we spend the money? We have to install a very good one, able to view from different angle 180 degree as the place is so open. People can throw from far away, near, from left, right, centre. I ask you, how to catch?”.

Robin was worried. I said it’s no use to worry over things that won’t happen again. If it happens again, it’s difficult to prevent people from doing unless we are always on the guard. What for? Why make life so hard for ourselves?

Just take it easy…if the culprit thinks that we are upset: Yes, we are affected. No, we are not upset.

If target is next door, please aim more accurately the next time. We welcome your visit and strike again.


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