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My Children

Coping with teens

It was our usual Sunday family exercise outing at the “cemetary” This place was previously a cemetary, located
at Upper Aljunied behind Woodleigh MRT Station. What was unusual about today’s outing is because Robin was the one initiated it. We covered 5km in 1½ hour.

The 2 boys wanted to test out their new pet iPod Touch which they sync with Nike Plus. I had to buy 2 to avoid sibling squabbles. While watching the 2 big brothers had all these, the 3 year old Clement said, “Mama, I don’t have phone.” Oh! I think I better know how to print money or to make more money,

While it’s good that it motivates the boys to wake up early to exercise, I had since long ago realized that my battle with technology is a very difficult one to win.

Because I gave my credit card to make purchase online, they started to use it to buy apps and games. It started with a USD0.99 apps then a USD4.90 games. What comes next? I said let me think about it.

I am inviting trouble.

Generation Y believes in instant gratification. Everything must be fast. Impatient…they don’t want to wait for IT show. Robin spent all his ang pow money to buy a pair of $100+ Nike shoes. I understand the need to look good to feel good. I went through this phase.


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