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Keep Your Goals Flexible

From the book: Simple Steps There’s another lesson we can learn, too, from that resourceful little ant I mentioned at the start of the chapter. That lesson is to keep your goals flexible. When that ant encountered something he was incapable of climbing over, he didn’t just keep walking straight into it again and again, … Continue reading

An amazing experience

THURSDAY, 25 AUG 2011 Procrastination has its repercussion. Tasks which were left undone came to haunt me: Marc emailed to me about my ex-boss’ Bertrand’s driving license. Bertrand’s driving licence was lost during the time of his relocation. So when he came to Singapore in June, he applied for a replacement personally at Traffic Police … Continue reading

Kanna vandalism again….

this time same thing happened to my neighbor at another stretch of road in the estate, same unit number as ours.

Why I want to ………………

This is a slide in the parenting talk regarding self-esteem I took photo on 5 March at my sons’ school Maris Stella High School and bring home. I remembered the parents were asked why one needs to study hard. I think the principles basically applies to everyone. Replace the word with “Why I want to … Continue reading

Airplane model goes to NTU Canteen A

See you at Canteen A from 16 to 19 August.z

Awesome Modern Talking music videos

Justin Bieber

Music Videos

Visit blogshop: Airplane Model @ SG

http://www.airplanemodelsg.blogspot.com/ You can meet me and my family at Changi Village Basketball Court on most Saturday evenings. Sunday 11am to 5pm, we will be at China Square Central. 15-19 August, we will be at National Technological University (NTU) Canteen B. Tell your friend about us.

Prepare a longer journey ahead

For a long time, I had not been having enough rest. Everyday is work, work, work. Enough is enough. I declared 13 August as my off day – no lesson, no opening of stall at flea market. Although I still do some business-related shopping and errands, today is a special day to me. I’m sure … Continue reading