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Prepare a longer journey ahead

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For a long time, I had not been having enough rest. Everyday is work, work, work. Enough is enough. I declared 13 August as my off day – no lesson, no opening of stall at flea market. Although I still do some business-related shopping and errands, today is a special day to me.

I’m sure many people visited Tree Top Walk. For Goh, this was his third time. It was first visit, so was Clement. Needless to introduce this place. You can google and get lots of information and guide. Like these 2 websites, I think they are quite detailed.

We started the walk at 8am, because entrance to the bridge opens at 8:30am. I told Goh about my friend Hwee Ee whose parents live at Venus Drive. During our secondary school days, Hwee Ee, Ying Ying and I would come to the food centre to have lunch. The food centre is gone, What’s left is the football field and the car park….and the fond memories of my teenage years.

The journey was not as challenging as I expected. It was in fact like a beginner course compared to the one we had at Mount Kinabalu back in November 2007: http://www.sabahparks.org/eng/kinabalu_park/canopy_walkway.asp

Canopy Walk in Sabah was a lot more exciting. We walked on thin, flimsy pieces of wood 20 stories above ground, tied from one tree to another tree. There were altogether 6 long bridges. Once started, there were no turning back. Every step we took would shake the entire bridge. It was an awesome experience. The jungle’s view was magnificent. Weather was cooler.

Although the Singapore forest greenery looks a lot younger than Kinabalu Park, hot and humid, I still enjoy the walk. I appreciate the effort by NPark and have to thank the sponsor HSBC for letting us have this great place to relax. In land-scarce Singapore, we cannot take all nature and greenery for granted.

I think NPark did a great job and our government should have spent a big sum to create this place. How many city dwellers come here regularly? Judging from the number of people I saw along the way, it’s a pity it is under-utilized. Hort Park, MacRitchie Reservoir, Woodlands Waterfront, NP Connection – these are brilliant project which government put taxpayers’ money in good use. fter the walk, we had breakfast at Toa Payoh Lorong 4 Food Centre. I ate my favorite Laksa for the second time this week. I had that on National Day holiday. A trip to Toyogo proved useless. I did not get the plastic bags I want. I was surprise that such a big store carrying all sort of plastic products does not sell plastic bags. Fortunately, Goh got some very beautiful plastic bags from a shop in Serangoon. With this new addition plus the new stock that came a few days ago, tomorrow and the selling at NTU Canteen B, our airplane model products should be able to reach out to a younger and bigger crowd with our new packaging. We are more confident.

5pm, I went to Ubi Industrial Estate to buy roasted duck for prayers to A Pa, my late father. Roasted duck and pork all sold out. Today’s A Pa’s birthday. A-mee, A Loon, Yvonne and us went to pay respect at Mandai Columbarium. Initial plan was to have dinner at my place but without roasted duck and pork, there was little food to offer at home. We had to exercise Plan B, eating out at A Pa’s favorite Block 22 Sin Ming Road Tze Char stall. Unfortunately Tze Char boss said today he had to go to 7th month dinner, off day today!!! OMG. We finally had our dinner at Kranji Industrial Park tze char. All of us enjoyed the dinner.

Quote of the day
(rest is to prepare for a longer journey ahead.)


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