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Why I want to ………………

This is a slide in the parenting talk regarding self-esteem I took photo on 5 March at my sons’ school Maris Stella High School and bring home.

I remembered the parents were asked why one needs to study hard.

I think the principles basically applies to everyone. Replace the word with “Why I want to succeed in life”, “Why I want to win that medal”, “Why I want to…..”Fill in the blanks.

I told my husband, “I need a rest. I am tired. Children need us. We want to go to your mum’s house” as reason why I don’t want to go China Square. This weekend there is a toy and collectible fair at Suntec City. I think it’s just a waste of time to proceed business at China Square Central just to “please” the “few little cats” (literally translate from chinese xiao3 mao1 ji3 zhi1).

It was hard to persuade him to forego a day’s of earnings. To let go is not so easy. One man show is difficult. We need about one hour to put and the display and one hour to keep. In the end, he listens.

Gone fishing today…

I took a nap. When I woke up for lunch, I told all at home that I felt I had not slept for one hundred years. It’s a good time to do housekeeping of emails from blackberry and look at pictures I took in the past – then I saw this one. I also read a book which I bought long time ago, at Popular Bookshop at SIM using the discount vouchers issued SIM Members Day.

I missed the event this year 😦

Perhaps you are questioning yourself: am I doing the right thing? I regret that I didn’t work hard when I was …..”

Life is a series of problem-solving situations. The success or failure of our lives depends on how effectively we meet and solve whatever problem lies before us. As some wise person once said, there are no simple problems after kindergarten.

Success is most likely when we make just one resolution, focus on it alone, and patiently give it plenty of time.

Decide to adopt a positive attitude
Resolve to be kind in all circumstances
Refuse to give up despite all obstacles
Leave the past behind and move on


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