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An amazing experience


Procrastination has its repercussion. Tasks which were left undone came to haunt me: Marc emailed to me about my ex-boss’ Bertrand’s driving license.

Bertrand’s driving licence was lost during the time of his relocation. So when he came to Singapore in June, he applied for a replacement personally at Traffic Police Division at Ubi Ave.

The license was sent to Marc’s home by registered post twice but because Marc’s family and domestic helper were out of town, postman made 2 deliveries in vain.

Marc gave me the reminder slips from SingPost and Bertrand’s passport copy but I didn’t act on it quickly. Now I realized how stupid of me to sit on it when I could complete the task in few minutes saving me from the agony.

I was in the class when Marc asked about this again. So I sms Serena to scan the docs and email to me. Although I don’t like my Blackberry to come into the picture, this time I have no choice as I want to get things done.

I called Singpost to check whereabout of the registered article. It was sent back to traffic police on 2 aug, long before Marc passed me the registered article reminder slips to follow up.

I replied email to Marc and Bertrand, apologize for not acting fast. I told them actions I intend to take and ask Bertrand for an authorised letter which he asked his PA to do.

FRIDAY, 26 AUG 2011

Morning before lesson, Goh drove me to Traffic Police Division at Ubi. I didn’t expect any positive outcome, thinking if I know where the licence is, I can consider myself lucky already.

Traffic Police Div opens at 8.30am. This means I would be late for class. Anyway, it’s the only way because it closes at 5pm (I can’t make it) Tomorrow is public holiday. I also want to settle the things quickly.

I was the first “customer” of the day according to the queue number.

The lady in late-40s attended to me was called Ms Winnie Lai. I explained to her why I was there and showed her the document in soft copy (the email in blackberry). She said she couldn’t accept soft copy like this.
Moreover, it’s so small she couldn’t see.

She asked me to show her the Employment pass number. As Bertrand is PR, his licence is in NRIC. I didn’t have a copy. I quickly called Serena in the office asking her to scan the ic copy in my pink file which she did. The officer, Winnie Lai then retrieved record from the system.

While she was doing it, I engaged her in some small talk. She asked me who was Bertrand related to me and why I did so much for him. I told her that Bertrand is my ex-boss. Even though he had already relocated, I will still be his representative in Singapore doing errands for him.

She got Bertrand’s driving licence from one of the many envelopes placed behind her.

Winnie then said in Chinese I’m a very good person “ni de ren hen hao” (Haha! I was flattered). To my surprise, she passed me a small slip of paper asking for my name and phone number, saying when she goes travelling she wants to call me. I was so shocked.

I gave her my name card.

I also asked her name and when I said I wanted to send feedback about her, she pointed the feedback form at the side of her table. Of course, I wrote good things: Ms Winnie Lai has gone the extra mile to accommodate to my request when I collect ex-boss driving licence despite no hardcopies are available.

It sounds so bizzare, from a stern-faced officer to a new friend. The main thing is – I got what I want.

What a wonderful experience.

Although I don’t know whether she will contact me, the outcome is fantastic and unexpected.

I believe I made her day too. I think I made her feel important.

During lunch hour at SIM Library, I was trying to get a photocopy of driving licence for record. Because I would send by DHL from my home in the evening. Then at library, I realized that cash card is needed. I only have ezlink. The librarian Shida photocopied for me, free-of-charge. In one day, I completed 2 feedback forms to compliment staff customer service.

I also thank Serena for helping me. I am lucky because my husband is on leave today. I was very late, then stuck in traffic jam at PIE, bottle-neck at Braddell Road and near Farrer Road. Arrived at 9.45am.

I shared this story with my course-mates and we had a good laugh. They said I can be a MediaCorp actor. But I was stating the facts and didn’t make up stories. What I did was to get empathy from Ms Winnie Lai and Ms Shida. I have to say I am thick-skin lah! Can blare out mushy sentences many people dare not to say, lower myself and make the other party feel important.

Good karma. Law of reciprocrity. Law or attraction….whatever you call it.


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