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Lunar New Year

I used to think that Lunar New Year visiting was a chore. Tiring preparation and visiting those relatives who are quite distant…. Could be due to age, I cherish the moment visiting relatives especially cousins whom we get to meet once a year. The visiting ritual is part of Chinese culture. I think it’s important to pass this tradition along to each generation and not to put it on the burner.

Decor of relatives’ homes we visited were almost same as the previous year. The most obvious difference visually is that the aunts and uncles are older, the kids bigger, taller. I am glad my 3 sons are looking forward and feel excited to visiting relatives….their motivation comes from the red packets collect from the seniors.

My eldest son Robin, never expected to meet aunts and uncles younger than him. This relative, we didn’t visit for more than 4 years. Some of my husband’s cousins are teenagers younger than my sons. Chinese has the tradition to address each person’s seniority, some titles like 2nd uncle, 3rd aunt but not so simple and in dialect, depend on maternal or paternal side. Sad to say we begin to lose roots of our dialect, we don’t know how to call. The children giggled at the strange fact that aunts and uncles may not be definitely someone older than them.

My kids envy me very much because of the size of my red envelope Marc and other bosses gave me. When I was a kid, I gave all my red packet money to my mother….


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