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Work versus Driving, an analogy

I think work is like having a car.

The car (job) you drive says about your background, status, personality, lifestyle. Some people thinks car is a symbol of success although there are lots of other definitions. It is a choice, some people can do without it.

When you have not bought a car but you must get one, your budget (qualification) determines what type of car (job) you can get. If you have a rich father, you don’t have to worry about the car because it will be given. Or you know someone who sells car, that person can offer you a big discount so you pay lesser (people recommending you good jobs or open a back door for you).

Not ready to buy a car yet? Why not consider renting a car (work in a temporary position or part-time) from car rental company (employment agency) or taking up an internship (test-drive)? If you are moving to another country to work (expatriate), you must familiarise with the new environment, law and driving habits. You feel like a tourist at first, but later on the freshness wears off as you get accustomed to it.

You can change car if you have more money (qualification + experience). It is ok to change car (job) when it’s giving you problem or you feel bored with your car. But changing cars too often and within a short time is costly (job-hopping). You may start to look back, compare a different model and end up buying the previous model (going back to your previous job), few people do it.¬†Sometimes, you feel you are burdened by the finances of car (feeling stressed at work), you may want to downgrade into a cheaper car (career change to a less demanding job).

If you want your car to look good, you must spend some money and time to maintain it (networking, human relationship, upgrade your skill). Owning a car involves maintenance cost – you must buy insurance and pay road taxes (income tax), expenses. Driving becomes natural and as you become more competent and confident you feel like auto-pilot. Driving your car no longer gives you new sparks but it is not a chore to you because it is the means to bring you to different places (leading you to different choices).

You must observe rules to prevent traffic offences (violating company rules) and be responsible. You need rest – you can’t drive continuously (taking leave from work). If you have serious health problem, this can prevent you from driving. One day, when the authority says you can’t continue driving, your licence is revoked because of serious offence (being dismissed), life becomes disoriented because you drive for so long and you don’t know how to take a public bus. You feel handicapped and useless – it takes a while to adapt and make changes or wait until you can drive again.


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2 thoughts on “Work versus Driving, an analogy

  1. Well written n said! Loving it! A greatcn simple analogy easy to take with us everywhere as a reminder during time Of change in life!

    Posted by Elisabetta Franzoso | March 3, 2013, 02:43
    • Hi Elisabetta,

      Thanks for the guidance. I learned to write analogy during the SIM workshop “Think, Act, Speak, Listen” several years back, that took place at Sheraton Towers. Meeting you is life-changing. I learn to write journal and use analogy to describe things. I am a happier, more confident person.


      Posted by Pamela's Online Journal | March 10, 2013, 08:02

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