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A Bad Hair Day

“Good morning, Marc. I am taking half-day leave today. I got a very bad hairdo last night. It’s a disaster. Will be going to salon. Sorry for the stupid reason of taking half day. Will come in once I get the problem fixed.” There goes my first sent mail of the day from Blackberry.

I attended a personal image class on Saturday. The trainer commented short hair suits me, personality and lifestyle. It’s time to have a trim and perhaps adding some colour to my hair. To me, that’s interesting. I was enthusiastic about change!

I usually have my hair-cut done at the quick 10 dollar cut shop near my office at Raffles Place.  Again, I went to the same place and had the haircut on Monday. And the same girl that I did my haircut previously. I heeded her advice to get a fashion perm and colour my hair. My hair was too flat and too black. After work yesterday, I went to a salon which I had a good haircut previously by a young male hairdresser. That guy was not there any more. A woman did it for me – I browsed through a catalogue my desired result, a body perm and highlighting. I thought it should as good as the model in the picture. The end result was far from desired but it was too late!

None of my family members like my new look. Their facial expression is telling me, “Oh my god!” The kind of comments from my husband, sons, mother and helper, although therapeutic, were obviously hiding the truth. The harshest critic was Clement, my six-year old son. “Not nice. You look like Minnie Mouse”. Ouch! I think he’s just being honest. This morning, when I brought him to class, I noticed some strange stares. On the bus, a lady sat next to me keep staring at my hair. I think that’s enough – the last straw. I couldn’t stand my new look right from the start. What do I expect from others?

Even though I try convincing myself I will get use to the new look, don’t care what others think, I just find that something is wrong, the colour, the curls. Last night it looked ok. This morning after wash, the hair looked dreadful. In order not to be an eyesore in the office, I was determined to spend the morning doing damage control, hopefully to salvage a wrecked blowout. It looked like a cupcake.

At 8:30am, after dropping off Clement at class, I went straight to Fairprice Supermart and got a Revlon hairdye, paid at the counter, hop on a taxi and went straight home. It was 9am. My intention was to restore my hair-style, hair colour, Colouring, I did it at home. Next, I went to the nearest salon, got my hair straightened. All these things were done in one morning. I reached office at 12 noon. My hairstyle, hair colour is back to square one.

The price……

Haircut on Monday $10

Perm + Dye  + purchase of one tube of hair cream on Tuesday $88

Revlon Hair Dye purchased at Fairprice Supermart on Wednesday $9.90

Taxi Fare from SingPost Centre to home $7.30

Straighten hair + treatment  $60

Time taken to ‘construct, demolish’ new image , time wasted + took half day leave + damage caused to the hair = intangible

Lesson learned = PRICELESS

I’m not hiding my head in a paper bag.  After all, this is not my first disastrous hairdo. When you plan ahead as little as I do, this sort of thing happens.

Good thing hair grows back.



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