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“We are like north pole and south pole but we have the same goal”





The first run with my husband, Goh Sia Hwa.


Today, 3rd November 2013 is Goh’s first run. He was a little anxious, reading through guidelines before sleep. That was what I did before SAFRA Bay Run on 1st September 2013. I guess all first timers act similarly.

He wants to drive and park the van behind Conrad Hotel. I say no. Why take the risk of not getting a parking lot? He listens and asks me for an ezlink card. We take train from Tai Seng and alight at Promenade. Train arrives and it is a sea of red “Nike We Run”.

Arriving at Promenade, I can feel a strong sense of camaraderie. Everyone wears the same kind of shirt. Why don’t other run events organizers set the same rule as Nike? Whoever is not wearing official tee will be automatically disqualified. Everyone abides by Nike’s rule. I think it is a form of respect every run organizer should demand. 

The race flags off from the F1 Pit Building, and feature a unique 10km route with various split points enabling runners to choose different terrain, conditions and atmosphere.

At the 3.2km mark, runners will be given two choices – Go Off The Beaten Path or Follow The Pack.

At the 6.5km mark of the route, runners can opt for the environment they would like to run in – Rule The City or Own The Park.

At the 8.5km mark, runners will have the freedom to select their preferred tunes for the final stretch in either Dance to the Finish or Rock Your Run.

Alvin Soo, the country marketing manager for Nike Singapore, said, “We are confronted with rules and regulations everyday but runners at Nike We Run SG will have the freedom to make their own choices on race day. They will have a choice not to follow the pack. Instead, they will be designing their race and be rewarded with a race experience they can call their own.”

I gave Goh a few tips I learnt from past mistakes and motivations:

1) Don’t drink too much water one hour before the run.
2) Visit toilet before the run, not during the run.
3) Get a cup of water, wet the lips, sip a little but don’t drink too much.
4) Hydration Station – each time one slows down to get a cup of water, it’s time loss.
5) Half distance, I get my first cup of isotonic drink. For subsequent stations, I will play by ear.
6) When people in front of you are slowing down and walking, this is the best time to over-take.
7) Upslope. Running slowly is better than walking even though pace of run is almost like walking.

My choices:
Follow The Pack (road)
Rule The City (road)
Rock Your Run (park)

Goh’s choices:
Follow The Pack (road)
Rule The City (road)
Dance To The Finish (road)



I keep looking at the rule printed at the back of some runners’ shirts. Here’s my pick:

Most Lame

1) “Run for my boyfriend”
2) Boy wears “Run for (girl’s name)”, Girl wears “Run for (boy’s name) “” and the 2 like Siamese twins. Inseparable.

Most pragmatic [represents me]
1) Run now. Talk Later

Most Painful
1) Drag to the Finishing Point

Most “motivating” that you feel like over-taking this guy
1) I am in front of you.
2) I am faster than you.

1) Run for the bus only.

These rules the individuals have at the back takes my mind away for a moment. But I forget to look at the scenery.

Gun time 1:08:01; Nett time: 1:05:54
Goh and I run at our pace. We are not together. We don’t have wrist tags. We don’t get finisher tee. We only get a banana and a drink.

I demand an explanation. The girl wears a blue lanyard say I have to look for organizer with red lanyard. To avoid me making a scene, staff gives me a water bottle which supposed to come in a set with finisher tee.
Finding organizers is tough. I finally find a few chatting at a corner. I get my finisher tee at the information booth. The second water bottle they give me is a bonus. I messaged Goh, he gets the same too. He didn’t make noise at the finishing point, so he only have one water bottle. I’m thankful for standing up for my rights without having to raise my voice. All my 3 sons have water bottles, no one is left unhappy.

Goh’s timing was not bad for a first timer, gun time 1:19:32, nett time 1:17:23. He follows other people walk when at upslope of Nicoll Highway Tunnel – a mistake.

After note:
Goh met his army friend Poh Kok Kee with wife halfway during run. I have not met this guy for 20 years. All I can remember is his look when he was 21 years old. Poh asked Goh whether came alone. Goh said no, “My wife is running in front”. As husband and wife we are not pretentious. I’m not sure whether we look strange in other people’s eyes. 


Run event is my examination. Putting all hard work and preparation to test. We learn a lot, seen a lot through running. We exchange “exam techniques” and sharing his observation. Goh saw the girl Ms Goh Kai Ling who died just some 200 meters away from finishing point. She was still alive then. No 2 events and experience is the same.

I’m nursing an injury. In the process of couch potato to half marathon, I become an over-exerciser. This is the sacrifice other than my lost toe nails. Most of my toe nails are loose now & I’m going to loose them very soon. 

THE HAPPIEST, to celebrate with my husband at the finishing point and the cheers from our sons. Wish we have many runs and still counting.



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