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My 2013


Last Friday, a colleague emailed to me and others announcing her last work day of the year and a list of her New Year’s Resolutions. At the same time, she’s asking us to share ours. (yawn!)

Ouch! It’s that time of year again.

I never craft New Year’s Resolutions. Why do it when there is uncertainty that may come in your way, obstruct your plan and set you up for disappointment? December is the time when office is quiet, high-spirit partying holiday mood of sort. Start of the year, everyone gets busy and we all forget our New Year’s Resolutions in 3 months. 

I would rather reflect on what I experienced, what I inspired and how it changes my perspectives. Here’s my report card for 2013.


In my appraisal meeting just happened in mid-December, I said to my boss Marc: “a boss can make or break a career. The major factor to which you make me feel successful is that I work for a boss who is respectable, a role model, who teach, lead, and support me into doing things I think I couldn’t do. Elements of luck is part of my success. I think my luck is a combination of preparation and opportunity.  Opportunity is meeting an important person, doing a challenging project….”

In a personal perspective, and on the same note, I’m also feeling blessed to meet people who encourage me, help me, listens.   Thank you, my mentors. The quote is what I want to say to THE important person I meet.


My first Instagram post was 38 weeks ago @pampam_81 – a pair of Nike Dual Fusion I bought at warehouse sale for SGD59.90. In 266 days, I have 231 posts. 

Instagram is my photo journaI to record the significant part of my daily life. Through these bits and pieces, they form a big picture. Through the pictures, I saw changes – in me. This is how Instagram changes my lifestyle, my life.

The likes, cheers and comments I received from virtual friends, motivate me to go further and to run better, pen down my feelings and appreciate my family even more than ever. I see my success, failures, progress, mistakes. It’s like jotting down short but important notes in the micro-blog. When flashing back, I gain a new insight, learning new things through other people’s photos and messages. Hello my IG friends and run buddies I know from run events.  


From 72kg to 58kg in the first 4 months… From couch potato to half-marathon. Participated in 11 run events in 3 months (SAFRA Bay Run 10km on 1 Sep 2013 to Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2013 Half Marathon category on 1 Dec 2013). Colleagues, friends notice my “transformation”.

“If I can do it, everyone can!” as I told colleagues and friends. In total, I ran 700.4km from mid-May till today.

Tough? “Yes, in the beginning.” Wake up at 5:30am, start run by 6am, rush home for shower, breakfast then heading to office at 7am. It was extrinsic motivation. Gradually, my love for running goes beyond motivation to lose weight. I go beyond neighbourhood, beyond pavement, beyond Singapore and I did my first overseas run with my husband in Hong Kong on 24 November 2013. One week later, I completed half-marathon in the Standard Chartered run.

Now, I’m nursing a very bad injury on my left knee.

Overtraining? Sure, I was training a lot, but it wasn’t like I was going from couch to marathon in a week. I think I overdo on the zeal and ignore the signs.

Reflect on the broader lessons of the race, it is not about speed; not how fast one goes but how far. When I push myself over the edge through relentless rushing, I think lasting the distance comes through a series of small, slow, seemingly inconsequential steps.

There are a load of other things I want to talk about…parenting, work, home business, traveling, knowing my personality. All these helped me grow in this significant 2013. I won’t go on otherwise it will be as wordy as a book.

To create new behaviors and habits that are oriented away from sabotage and toward success, a new plan of action is what I need for 2014 and not what I want to become.

And about irritating noise that comes in your way, see what Sir Alex Ferguson says “Sometimes you have a noisy neighbour. You cannot do anything about that. They will always be noisy. You just have to get on with your life, put your television on and turn it up a bit louder.”

I don’t need to wait for start of the year to lay down some plans. Any time of the year – it’s always a good time. Today, despite injury on my left knee, I still insist to complete a 6.8km at a snail pace.

A bad run is better than no run. My last morning of 2013 ends with a positive note.


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