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Pray for missing MH370

ImageIn November 2001, my family with my mother-in-law travelled to Beijing via Kuala Lumpur by Malaysian Airlines flight. I don’t remember we were on this flight but it dawns on me that tragedy can strike anyone. One of the passengers was Malaysian ex-St Andrew JC scholar. These people may be someone we know.

Every person you’ll ever meet is aching for love and acceptance. Some of us are doing crazy things to get it. We get so busy trying to find love that we forget to tell the people we care about how we feel. Too often we wait for tragedy before we tell people what they always wanted to hear. Sometimes the tragedy means it’s too late to tell them.

“Little things I should have said and done. I just never took the time. You’re always on my mind….You’re always on my mind” ~ song “Always on my mind”

(Thought of the day at Airplane Models @ SG. Collectors expressed their sadness to the loved ones of passengers onboard missing MH370)


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2 thoughts on “Pray for missing MH370

  1. Its a sad thing that its still not found, in fact its a conspiracy… I will share with you when I meet up with you k .

    Posted by isaac976 | April 7, 2014, 05:19
  2. Oh! That sounds scary. I heard that 25% of Malaysian Airlines staff tender resignation. How the airline going to survive like this? I traveled on Malaysian Airlines before. It’s a good airline in terms of service. Sad for the passengers and their family.

    Posted by Pamela's Online Journal | April 7, 2014, 12:54

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