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Is it a dog’s life? Who says you can’t teach old dog new tricks

I’ve never been able to properly swim. It was a phobia and just a skill I was never properly taught. In November 2015 after surgery, aqua-aerobic became part of my rehabilitation programme. The new sports planted the seed to tackle this blip in my life. One month later, I’m more water-confident as I did 2 different types of aqua-aerobic twice weekly, desperately wanted to get back to normal mobility. Next, I went to Clement’s swimming instructor, asking him to correct my strokes. I overcome my anxiety and become far more comfortable with my breathing, which was the aspect that held me back. Thanks Goh for early guidance. In fact I skipped through the basic training. There’s still plenty of practice and evaluation needed until I’ll think of myself as a “swimmer” but my instructor got me started on the path, and told me I am a “swimmer” and for that I’m forever grateful.
Who says you can’t teach old dog new tricks. After these months of training, I think our own self-consciousness is the thing that holds us back. Being a middle-age woman with an imperfect figure, sometimes I admit it was my own thinking that everyone was watching me. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, things would have been learnt faster and smoother. In fact, nobody is watching (except lifeguard) and I shouldn’t put pressure on myself for something that is learn for leisure. 
It’s actually a blessing in disguise that my leg was broken and without that I won’t venture out of comfort zone. Swimming is a life skill. For a later bloomer like myself, there are many things I missed during my earlier years. As I shared with a colleague Victor recently, because of a different set of priorities, immatured coping skill, lack of resources, many people have not maximize their potential. I believe, if I can do it, everyone can. If there is a will, there is a way. 
Getting married at 21? Sounds a lot like leaving a party at 9:30pm. Is it a dog’s life?  Now, approaching my 45th birthday next month, I have a lot to be thankful for. 
There’s no more powerful union than to find a soulmate to share a life together. We left the party early but we are now back again. Belated anniversary. 23 March 1993 was our ROM Day. 5 April 1996 was our traditional wedding date. It’s our 20th anniversary, yet we did not celebrate. Goh, the super hard worker, for all these years his frugal spending habit for the sake of the family, it’s time to spend a bit of time and money to spoil himself. I pay Fitness First joining fee as a gift. The rest of the monthly dues he has to take care 😊 The purpose of this post is to announce what we are doing and hopefully that gives us some accountability to continue what we are doing. 
Relieved to have tide through the rough years in the beginning. We are seeing many good years and still counting. 


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