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Impromptu Chiang Mai

19 December 2015

Day 2 in Chiang Mai. Without much planning, things still go on pretty smooth. The app 

Today, Robin arrived from Singapore on Tiger Airways, one day later than us because of examination. Yesterday, car rental, Avis and National, both at the airport were fully booked. We were once worried about our unprepared state that may force us to take up a package tour. Fortunately, there are 1,001 ways to get things done in Chiang Mai. The people here are so hospitable. We managed to rent a car at super cheap rate. 

Goh and I last visited Chiang Mai in 1991. The city is like the unassuming sibling of Bangkok.
The kids asked me whether Chiang Mai change. Yes, it’s more forward-looking. Probably the way we traveled, less touristy, we get to see another perspective of Chiang Mai. 

We thought we can leave the best part of Chiang Mai until Robin joins us. The “boring” activity, visit to the zoo turned out to be extremely interesting. 
Traveling like a local is what we always love to do. Life in Chiang Mai is slow pace. Chiang Mai people are unbelievably tolerant. Without a vehicle, it’s not possible to come to the zoo. It’s so huge inside. Walking is nearly impossible. Food in the zoo is economical. I am fully supportive of such initiative to let private operators set up shops in tourist attractions. This is so unlike SingaporeThings are cheap and good. Dinner was at the largest Mookata Buffet in Chiang Mai. Sukhonta Buffet may be world’s largest Mookata buffet restaurant. For less than SGD40 for whole family – it’s a steal. We live like king.

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Ronald McDonald says Sawadee Kup

Car rental shop and motor-bike rental shop next to our hotel

Our car in Chiang Mai

At Chiang Mai Zoo


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