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The Problem with Spontaneity 

The first 2 days in Jogja (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) to Prambanan, Borobudur and Mount Merapi were simply awesome. Today’s city tour was a disappointment. In fact, today’s feeling have been a chance to reflect how much city tour disappointment we experienced in the past at other countries. Probably next time, when I plan itinerary, I shall make sure zero city tour, no shopping.
Lofty expectations is not really the issue. The trick is how to adjust expectations after spending 2 days here. 
We like where we stayed, Malioboro. It’s a happening place in Jogja. Goh and I even had a morning run 5km, running up & down the stretch for 5-6 times.
On today’s itinerary, acknowledging disappointment is akin to admitting defeat. When we don’t do the homework about the itinerary, this kind of thing happens. At the last minute, after a disappointing Water Castle visit which we paid IDR60,000 admission fee for 4 of us, we told the driver we didn’t want to go to silver making and handicraft which is in the itinerary….We’re sure we won’t buy anything. Why waste everyone’s time?
The driver drove us to the village to cycle. We thought the cycling was as cheap as the jeep tour we went (yesterday’s jeep tour at Merapi Volcano) was just IDR600,000 for 4 of us, 3 hours. Out of our expectation, the shop assistant asked us to give extra after we paid IDR350,000. It’s supposed to be IDR250,000 each person? What? That is IDR1,000,000 (equivalent S$100). Seriously, it’s freaking expensive for a cycling activity for 2 hours. That’s what European visitors pay for, the driver said. We left the place, felt a little betrayed. It’s our fault for not checking in advance. 

Waiting for train to Malang
Even a hint of disenchantment can seem like a personal failing. We accepted our misjudgment and our trust to the driver to lunch. Cheap food, I said. Probably, we have different definition of cheap, he drove us to a grand-looking restaurant. I didn’t have to see the menu, I left. I insisted on street food, and the one we had this afternoon is so far the cheapest meal we had. Economical rice with 4 dishes and a lemon drink, 4 of us IDR750,000 (equivalent S$7.50). We have iron stomaches, so no worries.
Later, we will board the train at 8:45pm, sitting on reclining seat (no bed) for 7 hours. No hotel for today. A little hardship…that’s travel like locals. 


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