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Love Letter to my son, Dominique

Being a middle child is not easy. I understand how you feel because I am a middle child too. You may feel that you have been ignored. You may be wondering why you have to wear Robin’s old clothes when you were little and follow things that works well for Robin and applied the same … Continue reading

Love Letter to my son, Robin

November 2010 My dear son Robin, 13 years ago on the night of 11 March, Papa and I went to KK Hospital for a tour to familiarize with the newly-opened hospital. After reaching home, I started my first bout of pain but dismissed it as a normal tummy-ache. I went to toilet throughout the night … Continue reading

Adrenaline Junkie In Us

    Surely the most welcoming sight after 4 long days of walking was the mini-bus that brought the 9 of us to Pokhara Eco Resort. Bidding farewell to our 3 porters was a difficult thing to do. I got emotional and I tried hard to hide it. I didn’t really chat with the guys … Continue reading

My Travel Inspiration – Philippines

Traveling to Manila, Philippines to participate a 5km running event isn’t for everyone. Moving around the world teaches me many things. Having travelled to more than 40 countries, tourist attractions and doing all those touristy stuff aren’t appealing to me anymore. Manila was never in my travel plan so I think of incorporating running in … Continue reading

My Valentine’s Day

Yesterday, early in the morning, my husband wished me Happy Valentine’s Day. He asked me, “Do you want me to buy rose for you?”. I replied, “No need, the money you spent on buying the flower is as if I am buying flower for myself. What is yours is also mine. Flowers wither in 3 … Continue reading

Opportunity seldom rings twice

INTERNET KIDS Elder brother Robin sat next to little Clement. Robin pointed at the MacBook and asked, “What the hell is this cartoon! Bus can talk”. “He found it himself. It’s a Korean animation. There is an SMRT cartoon I saw him watching. He sure has his way of searching on YouTube.” “He’s an internet … Continue reading

A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.

London Olympics has proceeded towards the final week. Singapore’s Feng Tian Wei won a hard-earned bronze for table tennis female singles, making the Little Red Dot on the ranking #52 today. I think USA is going to lose its No 1 place very soon, taken over will be China. Let’s see. My sons Robin, Dominique … Continue reading

For the Parents **notes to bring home**

Date: Saturday, 19 February 2011 Time: 9am to 12pm Venue: Maris Stella High School AVA Theatrette, Level 6 Topic: Boosting Your Child’s Self-Esteem Speaker: Dr Agnes Tan It was heart-warming to see many fathers come to attend parenting talk. Goh was one of them. Fathers understand that they are the role model of their sons, … Continue reading

Coping with teens

It was our usual Sunday family exercise outing at the “cemetary” This place was previously a cemetary, located at Upper Aljunied behind Woodleigh MRT Station. What was unusual about today’s outing is because Robin was the one initiated it. We covered 5km in 1½ hour. The 2 boys wanted to test out their new pet … Continue reading

We were on Straits Times 28 Aug 2010

2010 has come to a close. Any achievement so far? Robin, Dominique and I were on 28 Aug 2010 Straits Times. My husband said the size of the photo worth SGD10K. (What’s he comparing with?) Thanks to Smart Lab Winston to recommend me to Straits Times and thanks Radha Basu and Joyce for the interview … Continue reading