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My First Marathon

“A marathon is like life with its ups and downs. But once you’ve done it, you feel like you can do anything.” 42.195km – the distance that killed Pheidippides in 490 B.C. who died after running from Marathon to Athens to bring news of the Greek victory at the Battle of Marathon. This myth has … Continue reading

The Road Runner

I woke up early in the morning at 5:15am. It was still dark outside. I had a goal: to run from home at MacPherson Road to Pasir Ris.  Last night I went to bed shortly after returning home from a gathering. I did not plan the run route. Seeing myself improving after knee injury is … Continue reading

We Run

“We are like north pole and south pole but we have the same goal”     The first run with my husband, Goh Sia Hwa.   Today, 3rd November 2013 is Goh’s first run. He was a little anxious, reading through guidelines before sleep. That was what I did before SAFRA Bay Run on 1st … Continue reading