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Tour Istanbul

This year’s vacation is a little challenging. We brought forward holiday plan to March making the interval between the previous one (Sri Lanka and Maldives) merely 2 1/2 months because of Dominique’s schedule in June’s project and December’s internship. As the boys get older, it is harder to plan holidays. It’s not the best traveling … Continue reading

Fun adventure – Ranu Kumbolo

We arrived at Malang early morning 3:58am on Friday, 16 June 2017. Driver picked us up at Malang train station and brought us to a home-stay to wash up and had a few hours of sleep. By 7:30am, we packed clothes, necessities and snacks enough for 2 days and put the rest at house. Although … Continue reading

From Thailand to Laos by bus [Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang part 2]

24 December 2015 After 25 hours, not 18 hours, we finally arrived Luang Prabang. Our bus was stuck at the mountain road between Udom Xai and Luang Prabang because of an accident to another vehicle. It caused a massive jam. The bus driver turned off the engine and we were there for almost 7 hours … Continue reading

From Thailand to Laos by bus [Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang part 1]

When I was preparing for our Laos trip, l encountered a lot of difficulties mainly from lack of information. I told myself I want to write a blog post to help like-minded travelers like myself to do an inexpensive cross-border travel from Thailand to Laos. We went through a lot of untrodden path & we … Continue reading

Take Nothing But Pictures and Leave Nothing But Footprints – jungle safari at Chitwan

There is a sentence in a travel guidebook that says: “Nowhere else in the world does the landscape change do greatly over so short a distance as Nepal, from the mountain areas of the Himalaya, down through lush valleys and into the tropical plains of the south. Consequently, the flora and fauna, much of it … Continue reading

Adrenaline Junkie In Us

    Surely the most welcoming sight after 4 long days of walking was the mini-bus that brought the 9 of us to Pokhara Eco Resort. Bidding farewell to our 3 porters was a difficult thing to do. I got emotional and I tried hard to hide it. I didn’t really chat with the guys … Continue reading

Paradise on Earth – My Family’s Adventure in Nepal Trekking

“Walking the uphill stone steps in Gurung villages is endless vertical marathon.” Continue reading

My Travel Inspiration – Philippines

Traveling to Manila, Philippines to participate a 5km running event isn’t for everyone. Moving around the world teaches me many things. Having travelled to more than 40 countries, tourist attractions and doing all those touristy stuff aren’t appealing to me anymore. Manila was never in my travel plan so I think of incorporating running in … Continue reading

Trip to World Vision Yaya Gulale ADP Ethiopia

Set in an isolated landscape, the visit to Yaya Gulalae Area Development Programme (ADP) plays home silent break from urban life. At 2500 meters above sea level, the village has no phone, no wifi, no emails, no work to distract me. I played catching with the village children, met my sponsored daughter Meron and sponsored … Continue reading

Mr Nice Guy we met in Taiwan

Greeting card from Mr Chen Tai An, 25 Dec 09 The second greeting card from Mr Chen Tai An, 25 Dec 09 evening. Besides this, he also bought some gifts for us. Thanks for the gifts, Mr Chen.